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IHDE-Candles, Germany

Photos taken by Anke Platow about the making of sand candles.

1 sandschale

2 manbraucht

First of all you need a bowl filled with sand which might be a little moist.

Moreover you need a positive mould, in this case a simple glass, a knitting needle and a waxed wick.

3 glasimsand

4 lochimsand

Press the positive mould in the sand and take it out again.

5 wachsinform

7 loch

Pour hot wax into it.

Make a hole with the knitting needle in the still mouldable wax and put the wick into it. After it has been cooled fill some more wax in it.

10 herausnehmen


Take the candle out and brush the loose sand off the candle.