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IHDE-Candles, Germany

General security advice:

As a hobby candle-maker you should melt the wax in a water bath. Give some water in a pot so that about 5cm are filled, bring it to a light boil and put a second pot with wax into the first one. Be careful! The water must not touch the wax! In this manner it lasts quite a long time until the wax is melted completely but it is the safest way.

If supervision is guaranteed, the wax can be melted directly on the cooker. The pot in which you want to melt the wax must be completely clean from the outside. Only a few drops of wax on the cooker can produce very much steam and gas! Professionals work with pots which are directly heated electronically or with gas. 

Nowadays, as a producer, you even have to warn people that they must not put their domestic animals in a microwave as this might have health damage for the pet as a consequence (that’s true!). So please do not be upset when we indicate that melting wax becomes hot and that you can burn yourself by touching it!

If wax becomes too hot it will steam. Those vapours can be harmful and in extreme cases they can even catch fire! It does not require any ignition spark to ignite steaming wax!


If you try to delete burning wax with water it might end in an enormous fireball in your workshop! You’ll make this mistake only once in your life!

The soot of candles almost only consists of carbon which is not toxic. A health risk is the intake into the lung of very tiny particles of soot and maybe from the wax carried pollutants – if there are any. (Insecticides in dirty beeswax, substandard gel wax oils or paraffin oils). So please make sure that you only use clean wax and the right wick thickness. Candles must not produce soot! Make also sure that there is enough fresh air during the burn-up.

All the wax from the candle craft center is clean and it won’t exist any health risk if you make sure that you have chosen the right wick.


Do never leave a burning candle unattended!

Every single candle might set your apartment on fire! But this only happens to others…doesn’t it?