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IHDE-Candles, Germany


Generally it’s easy to make gel candles. Due to colour combinations and different mould forms you can freely express you creativity. Principally you only have to liquefy gel wax and fill it into suitable moulds. The perfect diameter is about 6 cm, the optimal height is likewise about 6 cm. The use of moulds that are too small might end in a soot production as there is not enough oxygen supply for the flame. In moulds which are too big the flame will drown. A bigger wick might be to counteract. On the other hand, wicks that are too big produce soot, as well.

The easiest is to take a poke wick (flat wick 3x9 is a great standard wick). It has just to be poked in almost solidified wax.

Wicks with a metal stand burn for a longer time since they don’t overturn ahead of time. You have to fix them on the bottom of the glass, and use e.g. a wick needle to keep them vertical while pouring the wax..


Put the objects into position. Decorative pebbles or gravel create a great substructure. Objects should not be combustible.

Pour it carefully, if not you’ll have too many blisters afterwards!!

.After it has been solidified, stick the poke wick into it. The best moment to do so is when the wax has not cooled completely, yet.


Gel wax from is made of medical white oil which you can also find in lotions for babies, for example. These colorants do not contain any toxins which must be listed on the label. Nevertheless caution is advised when there are children around! (“Let’s just take a sip when Mom doesn’t watch!”)