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IHDE-Candles, Germany

Silicone rubber

Liquid latex

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Smelting moulding compound

Fast casting compound

The right building material is very important for a great success of your project. Here you can find some advice which should help you to decide correctly:

Basically one must distinguish between moulds with only one or more basins.
The standard of the building material is not that high for originals without any undercuts.
Undercut is a well-known technical term. Imagine you put a geometric cylinder on the circular area and souse it  for example with plaster. After it has cooled you can actually remove the cylinder straight from the mould - it won’t have any undercuts.
If this cylinder had a waist, it wouldn’t work. Thus you would have to create a mould with two basins which can be separated in order to remove the shape from the mould.

At the IHDE-Candle factory, we only use silicone rubber of the type we offer for sale on For professional purposes this material is unbeatable with regard to tear strength, temperature resistance and age resistance. There are many types of silicone which are very different regarding to the mentioned aspects.

You can use silicone for all casting compounds such as wax, plaster, ceramic compounds and soap. You can also take it for polyester or epoxy resin but these materials reduce the durability.

Latex compound is also suitable for the use with candle wax but they are neither as stable nor as robust. Of course, you can also use latex compound for plaster, ceramic compounds and soap. This type of mould is a good, cheaper alternative to silicone for making small production runs and is ideal for making thin walled moulds.
Latex compound is also used for creating custom theater masks. Zombies in horror films without latex are barely possible!

The hot-melt moulding compound FORMAFORM is - guess what - heat-sensitive and will dissolve if the wax is too hot. You can stabilize it when you mix it with Thermolan. This is a very interesting, fast-acting material which can be melted and reused over and over again (if it is not mixed with any Thermolan)!

The quick casting compound CREAFORM has to be mixed with water, such as plaster. It is made of natural substances which allow it to be used for almost everything, including making prints or casts of body parts! Hands or feet of children as a souvenir, face masks - everything is possible!

A disadvantage is that it can’t be stored for a long period of time. It dries or gets moldy after a few weeks, just like the most natural materials. To prevent this, suitable preserving agents have to be added.