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IHDE-Candles, Germany

For making garden torches you can use discoloured rests of wax and wax mixtures.
Or buy cheap discolored wax in our shop.
Due to the very big size of torch wick wax impurities don’t matter a lot. Garden torches are only supposed to burn outdoors because they produce much soot.

Firstly, soak the wick in hot wax and let it cool afterwards.

Fill some liquid wax into a flower pot made of clay. If there was a hole at the bottom of the flower pot, it would have to be closed first of all. Let it cool until you can...

...make a hole into the almost solidified wax. You can use a spoon-handle, for instance.

Stick the cooled, solid wick into the soft wax.


Ready. But remember: only let it burn outdoors!!!