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IHDE-Candles, Germany

Construction of waxed cloth torches

For making torches with a waxed cloth you can use every kind of wax. You can even use dirty candle stamps. Torches have always produced soot and are only supposed to burn outdoors. Burning torches are not at all a toy for little children. “Let’s stick the burning torch into the haycock when Dad doesn’t look.”, said little Max just before their house catched fire.

1 Tuch

Special torch cloth from . For torches sized 50 x 3 cm you need a cloth of 50 x 20 cm. You can also take more of it, but the duration of burning only depends on the amount of wax that is used.

2 Papierrolle
3 Tesa

It is easier to roll the soaked cloth when you use a core made of newspapers.

Fix the newspaper roll with adhesive tape.

4 Tunken
5 Rollen

Soak the cloth in liquid wax.

Wrap the soaked cloth around the newspaper roll.

7 übergießen
8 Andrücken

Stabilize the rolled torch with liquid wax. The more wax you use, the longer your torch will burn but the more the wax can drop afterwards as well.

Press the cloth against the torch.

9 Fertig

Ready. You can wrap the lower end of the newspapers (about 10 cm) around a wooden holder.

If you just roll the cloth and dunk it in wax a couple of times, the torch will burn just as well, but it won’t look as beautiful as with a core made of newspapers!