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IHDE-Candles, Germany

Mould construction with silikone rubber

The silicone rubber from our candle craft center is very tear-resistant and also suitable for moulds with one shell and medium undercut. Strong undercuts demand moulds with two or several shells. We also use this type of silicone rubber ourselves and are very satisfied with its quality.

Original made of plaster, clay, wax, fimo or other nearly solid building material. This skull is made of clay.

Put a case around the original - quite narrow to save expensive material but not too thin so that it will be stable nevertheless.

It is very important to keep the proportion of base and hardener  accurately. Please follow instructions and safety advices. You do best when you wear gloves, protective clothing and protective glasses. You have to mix hardener and compound keenly. Be careful! At the beginning the liquid hardener tends to spurt out. Hardener must not touch your eyes and skin!

The use of both components of silicone rubber takes a responsible handling for granted. Please wash your hands after this work.

Leave the mixing bowl as well as the stirrer as they are after using them. You can easily deduct solidified silicone.

The well-mixed compound has to be poured in the flask.

After about 24 hours it can be removed. We recommend wax type 56C with 0 to 20% stearin rate from the candle craft center as pouring wax. The wick size depends on the diameter.