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IHDE-Candles, Germany

Very suitable is wax type 54C from

The temperature of the wax in which the candles will be dipped should be quite low but without a film on the surface. If you are in a hurry you can as well cool the wax with some water in between. But the surface won’t be that beautiful afterwards. Failed candles can be put back into liquid wax!

Of course, you can do it as well with coloured wax. You can use the flat wick 3x9. When your candle is finished, cut it with a scissor at the lower end while it’s still warm and mouldable.

You can use beeswax, too. For candles you can see above the flat wick 3x9 is a good one.

For dipping candles one need relatively much wax as the level in the tank must not be lower than the length of the candle which is dipped.