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IHDE-Candles, Germany

Dying candles, for instance, with school classes or at kindergarten:

Schools and kindergartens like to offer making candles. It’s a nice topic for project weeks or for getting-together at a summer festival. Often there is not much money available for the equipment but this is not necessarily a problem!

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One of the easiest offers might be the dyeing of  white candles.
All you need is a pot as a  water bath, some quite high bins, some wax (type 56/58C is cheap and good) and dyes. If you have no money at all at your deposal you can also take melted wax rests from old candles.

2 blau getaucht 120

2 blau gelb getaucht 120

Fill the pot with 5cm water. Put the cans into it, in which the wax will melt. Never heat wax directly on an electronic cooker or a flame. Fire risk exists.
Please make sure that the wax in which the candles will be dipped has the right temperature. If the wax is too hot, it will leave only a very thin wax coat. Furthermore, the already existing wax coat at the candle might melt again which can cause a discolouration of the wax when you just changed the colour!
The perfect temperature is 70 degrees. When you use very cold candles the temperature should be a little higher. Just try it!

You can also find beautiful effect wax which is easy to handle on .


Crystalline effect wax has to be melted. As soon as it has reached 70 to 80 degrees the candle must be dipped into it.

On the contrary, decorative wax has to be melted as well but then you have to souse the candle with it. Therefore you should take a spoon or a dipper.

Remember that the wax must not be so hot that it melts wax off the candle. Thereby you’ll lose the effect!