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IHDE-Candles, Germany

Candle Course in Malawi

The Evangelic Lutheran Church in Malawi has been offering special courses to its female volunteers for a lot of years.
These courses are special because: they are accomplished together by the consultant of the ELM for women in ecumenism,
Nina Dürr, and the leader of the female labour of the Ethiopian evangelic Mekane-Jesus-Church, Taddelech Loha.
Every two years, about 25 women learn and discover a lot about themes which are not only valuable for their voluntary work but also for their private lives.
In addition to the work with the bible and to meetings where people deal with social questions, there has been another special
course which might supply some women with a little earning: with the aid of a German enterprise, Nina Dürr obtained the necessary equipment for pouring candles which she brought to Malawi. In small groups, those women learned how to create practical candles or decorated baptismal candles with relatively little equipment and material. In most of the villages in which the women live, there isn’t any electricity. Thus, for them candles are really necessary every day. Maybe some money bringing projects will develope thanks to this course in some Malawian villages.
In the following photos you can see how much the Malawi people enjoyed this candle making course.


Nina Dürr, consultant for women in ecumenism. Evangelic Lutheran Mission Movement in Niedersachsen